Saturday 13 July 2024
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Puppy Training Tips and Advice

If you have finally relented on your ‘no pets’ rule and the kids are super excited as you wait for the puppy to arrive from the breeder, there’s a lot to arrange and having a firm idea of how to train the young dog is a must. Assuming you have acquired all the necessary items that raising a dog entails and are ready for the dog’s introduction to the home, here are a few basic puppy training tips straight from the professional dog trainer.

  • Choosing a name – Dogs respond very well to sound and the ideal name would be one that ends in a strong consonant; Rover, Jasper, Boomer, Jack, Zack and Big Boy are all great names for your four-legged family member.
  • Rules – As a family, you must sit down and have a group discussion regarding what the dog can and cannot do. This is vital if you want him to understand what he’s allowed to do and when he gets it wrong, the response should always be the same. When the kids and your partner interact with the puppy, there should be consistent behaviour and a simple ‘no’ in the right tone lets him know you’re not happy. Can he jump up on the furniture? Is he allowed into the bedrooms? Are there any exclusion zones? Thrash each item out between the family until you have a clear definition regarding the do’s and don’ts, while the agreed reward behaviour strategy is in place, which he will soon understand.
  • The Best Start – If you enrol the puppy in dog training in Sydney, both you and your canine companion will learn about each other and you’ll have acquired the skills to be a good trainer. The short course would cover every aspect of dog ownership and with one-on-one sessions, you will quickly develop the right bond with your pet and you’ll have the confidence to continue his training. As Cesar Milan often says, he is a person trainer, which is an accurate description; there is no such thing as a bad dog, it is more a question of the human understanding how a dog thinks and learning how to elicit the right responses.

Free Online Resources

If you have the time and are prepared to do what it takes to become a competent dog trainer, the Internet hosts a wealth of valuable content, with YouTube videos that really show you the techniques used, with an analysis at the end. Your relationship with man’s best friend will enrich your life and as he learns more, so will you.